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Wedding Traditions

There are many wedding traditions popular in the United States. We've chosen to follow some and exclude others based on our own beliefs.  We've decided to go with some of the traditions for different reasons than you might expect.  Here is a list of some of the various things we're doing, and what they mean to us.  We'll keep adding them as we go.

Click on the hyperlinked headers to read up on our beliefs regarding these traditions!

bulletEngagement - How long are you supposed to be engaged?
bulletAge - It doesn't matter, but we'll discuss it anyway
bulletWedding Attire - The Dress: wearing white - The Veil - why she won't
The Gloves: not likely!- The Tuxedo - why he bought his
bulletColors - Most weddings have color themes... here's ours
bulletInvitations - No secret to why, but here's how we did ours
bulletSomething Old, Something New; Something Borrowed, Something Blue
bulletChildren at Weddings - We love them, but please leave them home
bulletMusic - The sounds you'll hear
bullet Wedding Party - Why we chose the number of people we did
bullet Flowers - We aren't covering a bad smell
bullet Religion - Why it isn't involved
bulletGuest Book - We'll have one, and we hope you'll write more than your name...
bullet Giving Away the Bride - Elaine's thoughts on ownership
bulletWedding Words - We prefer some mild copyediting on traditional words...
bullet Vows - Why we're writing our own
bullet Wedding Rings - What they mean to us
bulletWedding Gifts - We have everything we need... sort of...
bullet Tossings - The Bouquet: Somebody catch! - The Garter: It isn't sexist... really...
bulletCake - Traditional cake or non-traditional cake... or none at all?!
bullet Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold - Rape? Keeping her in the house?! Evil spirits??!! We don't think so.

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