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Wedding Traditions: Flowers

Flowers were originally to cover the odors of stinky people! Back in The Day, bathing was not something done regularly, and when a whole herd of smelly people got jammed into one room, the unpleasantness could become... challenging.  As such, lots of flowers were brought to weddings in hopes the pleasant fragrance would overpower the unpleasant odors. Eventually, people discovered the wonders of bathing, but the tradition of flowers has remained.

We'll have flowers, but we promise we'll bathe before the wedding.  Hopefully (and likely) all the guests will do the same, and there won't be any hideous odors to cover up.  We're having flowers simply because they look nice.  Our flower colors will be yellow, peach, and white; look for roses and carnations in those colors.

Good and Evil.  As well, flowers and herbs were often used to attract good and ward off evil (different flowers and herbs for different purposes).  We aren't interested in superstitions... we just like flowers.


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