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The wedding party consists of 10 people in addition to us, as well as the flower girl
and ring bearer. We debated whether we wanted a very small party of six [Elaine] or a
very big party of sixteen [David] and settled on somewhere in between.
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Elaine and David, the bride and groom
Elaine Foss & David Fitzpatrick

Brienna Pelletier
Maid of Honor
Friend of the Bride

David Reed
Best Man
Friend of the Groom


Erin Frati
Foster Sister of the Groom

Karl Foss
Brother of the Bride

Teri Fitzpatrick
Sister of the groom

Adam Murphy
Foster Brother of the Groom
Staccie Zilavy
First Cousin of the Bride

Bernie Dahl
Friend of the Groom

Elizabeth Barnes
Friend of the Bride
Eric Nason
Friend of the Groom

Calvin Cousins
Friend of Bride & Groom

Carly Zilavy
Flower Girl
Second Cousin of the Bride

Christopher Pelletier
Ring Bearer
Son of the Maid of Honor

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