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Pre-Wedding "Elaine & David Photo Album"

We've received a lot of requests from guests to post more pictures up, since we only have one large picture and the small rotating images you see at the top. Most of them want to see the bride, but Elaine refuses to have pictures only of her. As such, you get some of each of us, and some of both of us.

Click on any picture to see a larger version!

Elaine's senior pictures from Waterville Senior High School in Waterville, Maine. She graduated from there in 2001 and headed off to college at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. David at his computer shop in downtown Bangor, Maine, around 1999. He was often dressed this casually, unless he had clients coming in, but the place was always a disaster area just waiting for Federal aid.
Elaine early in the morning, 28 June 2003, as we prepared to leave Bangor to hike up Mount Katahdin. It's amazing she ever agreed to go out with David again after that (more on that below), especially since they did the Hunt Trail which was especially grueling. David doesn't like a lot of hair, but he'd never been bald before (since he was born, anyway). But after the heart-breaking 1986 World Series, he vowed that if/when the Red Sox won the World Series, he'd shave his head. Well, 2004 happened, they won, and within a half hour he was shaved. Never again!!!
Elaine sitting on a dock at the Bangor Waterfront, August 2003. Her knee only looks swollen and huge; David was lying back to snap the pic, so it was a strange perspective thing. November 2003, when David grew a beard. Elaine doesn't like beards, so he grows them while she's away at college. But she's coming home for good, and says no more beards. Hmm.
Elaine in the kitchen at David's parents' house in Orrington, Maine, January 2004. Note how much longer her hair is after six months' growth (see below for a year later). David at a client's office at Freedom Park in Bangor, early 2003. Along with a computer screen, where he is usually found making his living, the great Jedi Master Yoda is there.
Elaine home visiting during spring break, March 2005. She's been growing her hair very long so she can have a fantastic hairdo on our wedding day. It's been a challenge for her to deal with all this hair, but it looks beautiful. She threatens to cut it off after the wedding. Can't blame her! David loves hiking. This was taken while hiking the South Ridge Trail on Cadillac Mountain, which is located on Mount Desert Island (where Bar Harbor is) in Acadia National Park. The photo taken by the best man at our wedding, David Reed. The hike was in the summer of 2003.
A really nice picture of Elaine posing next to some really pretty flowers in a big planter on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. We visited Niagara in May 2004. Doesn't she make those flowers look really pretty? From February 2004, when David and Elaine's father, John Foss, snowshoed up Tumbledown Mountain. It was exhausting and excruciating and David's bad knees both gave out, but it was a blast.
Elaine posing while wearing her bucket hat. David is a hat kind of guy, so he likes her in this. The picture was taken at her Aunt Karen's house in Boardman, Ohio (near Youngstown) in January 2004, when they drove there to return Elaine back to school after Xmas break. Nature shot during a hike of Gulf Hagas, a really spectacular gorge in northern Maine. The picture doesn't show off the beauty of the gorge, so you'll have to deal with looking at David instead. This was a long, tiring hike, and he looks it. This is another photo taken by David Reed, the best man at our wedding.
Elaine & David near the top of Mount Katahdin. We were beat and Elaine had decided she'd never like to try anything like that again. It's truly amazing we made it past that second date! No, of course we're only kidding, as the next pictures clearly indicate. Absolutely exhausted, and still needing to climb back down the mountain. Eaten alive by bugs. Wind burned. Sunburned. Hot. Sweating. Smelling bad. Hair standing up in the winds at 4,500 feet. Hey, if we made it through all that, there was no doubt we'd make it through anything!
Elaine & David posing on the front steps to her father's house in Rumford, Maine. Her father took the picture. This was in August 2003, just before Elaine had to go back to Ohio. David is wearing his favorite button-up short sleeve shirt, but for the life of him he has no idea whatever happened to it. Another amusing self-portrait. It was obvious at this point that we needed a camera with an automatic timer. Elaine has a pretty smile in this picture, but David looks as if his eyes are going to end up stuck that way forever, like your parents used to tell you when you were a kid.

Cuddling up together for a self-portrait. Yeah, yeah, fine: so there isn't anything special about that one shirt of his. He just liked it a lot. And this shot is a great perspective bit down the arm of Elaine, who's holding the camera out in front of us.

At David's parents' house, after the wedding of Elaine's friend, Liz. Elaine was a bridesmaid and had to have her hair up with roughly twelve thousand bobby pins that took days to remove. Okay, maybe not, but it seemed like it.
When we took the film from her friend's wedding to Wal-Mart, we had a few pics left, so we asked the clerk to snap one of us. We were later amused to see the sign "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" behind us. We thought that was very fitting!

On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in May 2004, with the American Falls visible in the background. At this point, we had gotten a digital camera with an automatic timer. We resisted the urge to jump in and go for a swim.

Another Niagara picture. This one has Elaine sporting her prizes from the token casino. She went crazy playing the games and the two huge snakes were our sightseeing partners for the rest of the day.

Self-portrait in a mirror at the token casino. The lighting is bad, but it's an amusing picture. We had a lot of fun in Niagara Falls and can't wait to go back!

And here are five pictures we had done in a studio in March 2004.

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Pre-Wedding "Elaine & David Photo Album"

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