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We got married ago! (Look wrong?)


Elaine Foss and David Fitzpatrick are getting married!Elaine Foss and David Fitzpatrick are married!

The wedding took place as planned on August 21, 2005, at the Ramada Inn in Bangor, Maine. The ceremony went off without a hitch* and the reception was fun for all!

Pictures and details to come soon!!!

* Well, that isn't true! We got hitched, after all! If it went off without a hitch, then the wedding wouldn't have happened!


We put up this Web site to keep our family and friends informed of what's going on! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check in occasionally.

If you're planning to be at the wedding, please email David at or Elaine at (but remove the "-QQQ" part before you send your email! Click here to learn why) and let us know your email address, so we can contact you via email with information.

Invitations status. We sent out a "save the date" email in late April. Most of the invitations went out on Monday 6 June 2005. The last batch went out on Monday 13 June 2005.

Need a Hotel? A lot of folks have asked us about that, so check out our Hotels page for information on the special rate you can get at the Ramada Inn (where the wedding and reception will be held) by telling them you're attending the Foss-Fitzpatrick wedding. We also list other nearby hotels.

New Addition! If you don't know both of us, check out our Pre-Wedding "Elaine & David Photo Album" which features pictures of Elaine, David, and both of us together! (Even if you do know both of us, it might be worth a look.)

The Specifics

The Date: 21 August 2005.
The Time:
4:00 PM... we hope to be officially hitched by 4:15
The Place:
The Ramada Inn, Odlin Road, Bangor, Maine
The Initials: Elaine will remain E.M.F. ... even after she's a Fitzpatrick!


Things You Should Know

There's a lot on this site, especially the section on Wedding Traditions - all about them, and how we'll be addressing them at our wedding. But there are a few points we'd like all our guests to check out:

  1. Gifts: We do not need wedding gifts, because we have everything we need. If you insist on a gift, you are welcome to give a monetary gift or a donation in our names. Read here for more information...
  2. Children: We request that children under 12 not attend the wedding. We're not mean people, really! Read our reasons why...

UPDATES (Last updated on Monday, 07 August 2006)
All updates will be posted on this home page, in chronological order from most recent to least recent.

20 July 2005: The flowers are set and ready to go!

18 July 2005: The wedding party outfits are underway! The material for the dresses has been purchased and David's foster mother, Marylee Murphy, is busy making the dresses. Meanwhile, the tuxedoes have been arranged! Check them out!

13 June 2005: The last batch of invitations have gone out!

10 June 2005: We've paid for the wedding cake!

06 June 2005: Invitations have been mailed! Well, most of them, anyway. We have a few addresses we realized were incorrect, but the remaining few will go out soon.

03 June 2005: Invitations are nearly done and ready to be mailed! They're going out this coming Monday 6 June 2005! Hopefully, most of you should have them by the end of the week (10 June).

02 May 2005: Added even more new pictures to the Photo Album!

30 April 2005: Some people have asked to see more pictures of us, so we've put up a Pre-Wedding "Elaine & David Photo Album" page full of pictures of us... some of Elaine, some of David, and some of both of us together.

18 March 2005: We have a guest book!

11 March 2005: Elaine has picked out the bridesmaids' dresses. As soon as we have drawings or pictures to give you an idea, we'll post them here. David's foster mother, Marylee Murphy, will be making the dresses.

07 January 2005: Happy New Year! And to start it off, we've picked out our wedding cake!

December 2004: We settled on a wedding cake!

17 December 2004: Elaine came home and tried on her wedding dress. It fit perfectly!!!

30 October 2004: Two pieces of news: Elaine's wedding dress is here! She will be trying it on and planning for alterations when she is back in Maine this December! As well, we have found the cake topper for our cake... even though we don't know what we're doing for a cake yet.

03 October 2004: We have decided on our wedding colors!

08 September 2004: The tuxedo has arrived! Actually, it arrived last week but David only got to it today as it was delivered elsewhere. Everything fits perfectly!

31 August 2004: Check out our Wedding Party!  Also, added the Wedding Traditions page to show you our take on various traditions.  BONUS! See what we'll look like together in the dress and tux on this page!

30 August 2004: The tuxedo has been shipped, and the rings have arrived at Day's!

23 August 2004: The tuxedo has been ordered!

16 August 2004: This Web site is up and running.

12 August 2004: The wedding dress is paid for, and the wedding bands have been ordered!

29 July 2004: The Ramada Inn Ballroom is paid for! The wedding is planned to be held outside in the Ramada's courtyard, with the reception in the Ballroom.  If the weather doesn't cooperate, the wedding will simply move indoors to either the pool room or the Ballroom itself.

11 December 2003: Officially engaged at the bus station in Hartford, Connecticut! Check out the ring!

July 2003: We talked about what a great idea it would to get married.

Spring 1998: We found each other for the first time.  It's been great ever since.


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