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Wedding Traditions: Invitations

There isn't any mystery behind the wedding invitation. It's simply a formal announcement of marriage and a request that the invited will honor the bride and groom by attending.

We'd heard lots of horror stories about other folks paying insane sums of money for invitations, so we decided right from the start we were going to do our own. We bought a kit that included invitations, response cards, invitation envelopes, and response card envelopes, and did them ourselves! Since we'd built a Microsoft Access database to keep track of everyone we're inviting, it was a simple matter of performing a mail merge with the database information into Microsoft Word to personalize the envelopes and print mailing labels. We're very happy with the way the invitations came out.

As soon as the invitations have been mailed out and we're confident everyone has them, we'll post images of them here!


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