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Wedding Traditions: Guest Book

The guest book is a common feature at any wedding, and ours will be no exception.

However, we encourage guests to do more than simply sign their names. The book has room for 500 names (although the web site of C.R. Gibson, the manufacturer, says 1,000... which is reasonable since you could easily two-column it) which means there's plenty of room for people to write. At 46 pages and 12 lines per page, that's 552 lines... if everyone invited shows up, every single individual could use 3-5 lines. We think this would be a neat way to preserve not just who was there but what the guests were like. Why have a nice book like this that's only one-fifth filled?

Our Book
Our book is neat! It's 7x9 inches and the back cover extends out wider. This is because the pen holder is mounted on this extension. The "Guests" and scrollwork on the cover, and the scrollwork on the extension, is gold foil. The pen is matching white with gold colors.


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