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Wedding Traditions:
Old, Something New; Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Tradition holds that the bride carries these four things for superstitious reasons.  We aren't superstitious at all, but Elaine will be carrying the four things anyway (sort of), just for the fun of it:

Something Old:  This should be from a woman who has been married a long time, to ensure a happy and lasting marriage. Elaine will carry her grandmother's handkerchief.

Something New:  This is something to be carried into her new life, and representative of that big change. Elaine says she'll use her wedding dress.  David continues to argue that this is not something carried and shouldn't count.  She won't budge.

Something Borrowed:  This represents borrowed happiness.  Her grandmother's handkerchief, doing double duty.  David is unsure of how a handkerchief represents happiness; and besides, the double duty thing seems like a cop-out to him!  She won't budge on this, either.

Something Blue:  The color blue is associated with purity and modesty, and Irish tradition holds that blue is a lucky color.  Elaine's garter will have blue on it, but you don't get to see that.

Along with this tradition, the bride is supposed to put a penny in her shoe for good luck.  That's just plain uncomfortable, so we'll pass on that one.


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