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Wedding Traditions: Wedding Words

There are several things that are often said, in one form or another, during wedding ceremonies, that we aren't going to have said. Here's why:

bullet"Who gives this woman to be married?"  We have a whole page on this one.
bullet"Does anyone know of any reason why this couple should not be united in marriage?
Speak now or forever hold your peace."
 We aren't looking for anyone's approval on this.
We consider ourselves the only authority on whether we should be married.

bullet"You may kiss the bride."  This sounds a lot like ownership again. We prefer "You may kiss
each other."
bullet"I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. David Fitzpatrick."  More ownership.  Elaine doesn't want
to be "Mrs. David Fitzpatrick" anymore than David wants to be "Mr. Elaine Fitzpatrick." We
prefer "I present to you, David and Elaine Fitzpatrick."

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