Sure, it's taken a hit in recent years. It began with collectible card games, which are fun but nothing more than classic wargaming combined with Uno. Then came video games which were far beyond what Pac-Man and Donkey Kong ever wrought. But as good as those first-person shooters are, they'll never be better than what a group of intelligent gamers can produce with their own limitless imaginations. Maybe one day computers will learn to think, and then develop imaginations and learn to be creative; personally, I suspect that's when they'll realize humans are an inferior species and go all Matrix or Terminator on our asses. But I digress.

This site is to introduce you to the Amazing Quests! Multigenre Universal Rolegaming Framework and its totally massive campaign supplement, Astroscape Zero. This venture isn't new, but it has been put on hold for some time. Some of you may remember the early days of AQ!, when it was called "Adventure Quest!" To learn more about the AQ! core rules and the AZ supplement, click the logos below.

The universal rolegaming system
that breaks all the RPG rules.

Dual-format character creation (Quick and Complex, depending on your preference, and they work together seamlessly). Special Effects covering magic, miracles, powers, psionics, cybernetics, and mutations. Over 300 Skills (not counting the Special Effects Skills). A Character History Generator for helping you build great backstories. Fast and realistic combat like you've never seen. A critical-hit system that actually makes sense. A fast weapon/armor design system. Wargaming rules (2D and 3D). Live-action role-playing rules. And this is all just the tip of a very big iceberg.

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The massive campaign-world supplement with
an unbelievable amount source material.

There's 120+ races to play, from many varieties of alfar (elves), berg (halflings), deor (dwarves), froyur (gnomes), goblinoids, bugs taurians, and many more (humans, too). There are 77 worlds to play on, from planets orbiting the sun to moons orbiting those planets. There are well over 300 adventure ideas, geared around particular worlds and races, to get your imagination going. There's magic, technology, psionics, mutations, and space travel. All you could imagine and more in the best value you'll ever spend money on for any role-playing game campaign setting.

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