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The Amazing Quests! Universal Multigenre Rolegaming Framework is a universal role-playing game system. Formerly called Adventure Quest! it has a goofy name but is very serious about it can do in the world of RPGs. Think they're dead? Not as long as we can keep people using their imaginations!

and its first major supplement

Astroscape Zero is the first major campaign supplement for the Amazing Quests! RPG. It features dozens of detailed worlds, over 120 player-charatcer races, and stacks of genres all rolled into one setting: magic, aeaeae, flux, shimmer, techstuff, mutations, powers, psionics, space travel -- you name it, we've got it!

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This site doesn't contain video games or collectible card games.
There are no on-screen shoot-'em-ups in here, no power-ups, no cool 3D-rendered graphics.
This is about role-playing games—real RPGs, with paper and pencils and dice.

Sound primitive?

Well, until computers have intelligence and imaginations, we think rolegames are the best games in town.
If you'd rather gel your brain into mush, stick with your Xbox or PlayStation.
If you want to experience Imagination Overload, come on in.

But don't say we didn't warn you.

Oh, yeah, there might be some adults-only stuff in here, too, so if you're
under 18, don't come in without your parents' permission.